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Choose confidence and convenience—all the way around

Your histotechnologists will appreciate this safe, disposable tissue-processing container system. Tissue-Tek® Uni-Cassettes®—bring you a variety of features designed for maximum ease of use.

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Tissue-Tek® Uni-Cassettes® have been improved! Now you can expect the latest in cassette technology, including smooth, single-action fracture-back hinges for greater protection, raised spacer nubs for better exchange of processing reagents, wider finger tabs to reduce strain and simplify opening, base vent openings for better fluid exchange, wider base cross ribbing to prevent flexing, smooth, flat interior ribbing to simplify sample removal, and an improved front latch and sure-locking lid. The LWS (Large Writing Surface) Uni-Cassettes® are available when a larger writing front surface is needed.

Biopsy Uni-Cassettes® are also available—these feature 1-mm pores instead of slots, eliminating the need to wrap most small specimens and greatly reducing the risk of specimen loss.


  • Plastic cassettes with disposable lids
  • Sure-locking lid with closure guides
  • Three textured writing surfaces
  • Resistant to solvent and decalcifying solutions
  • Uni-Cassettes® available in 11 colors
  • Biopsy Uni-Cassette® available in seven colors


Product Codes: #4117-01 Uni-Cassette® Orange, 500/cs
#4117-02 Uni-Cassette® LWS, Orange, 500/cs
#4118-01 Uni-Cassette® Lilac, 500/cs
#4118-02 Uni-Cassette® LWS, Lilac, 500/cs
#4119-01 Uni-Cassette® Gold, 500/cs
#4119-02 Uni-Cassette® LWS, Gold, 500/cs
#4120-01 Uni-Cassette® Aqua, 500/cs
#4120-02 Uni-Cassette® LWS, Aqua, 500/cs
#4135-01 Uni-Cassette® Red, 500/cs
#4135-02 Uni-Cassette® LWS, Red, 500/cs
#4153-01 Uni-Cassette® Tan, 500/cs
#4153-02 Uni-Cassette® LWS, Tan, 500/cs
#4154-01 Uni-Cassette® Yellow, 500/cs
#4154-02 Uni-Cassette® LWS, Yellow, 500/cs
#4155-01 Uni-Cassette® Pink, 500/cs
#4155-02 Uni-Cassette® LWS, Pink, 500/cs
#4156-01 Uni-Cassette® Green, 500/cs
#4156-02 Uni-Cassette® LWS, Green, 500/cs
#4157-01 Uni-Cassette® Blue, 500/cs
#4157-02 Uni-Cassette® LWS, Blue, 500/cs
#4170-01 Uni-Cassette® White, 1500/cs
#4170-02 Uni-Cassette® LWS, White, 1500/cs
#4180-01 Uni-Cassette® Gray, 500/cs
#4045 Biopsy Uni-Cassette® Red, 500/cs
#4087 Biopsy Uni-Cassette® Blue, 500/cs
#4088 Biopsy Uni-Cassette® Yellow, 500/cs
#4090 Biopsy Uni-Cassette® Orange, 500/cs
#4172 Biopsy Uni-Cassette® Gray, 500/cs
#4174 Biopsy Uni-Cassette® Green, 500/cs
#4171-01 Cabinet with 1500 White Uni-Cassette®
#4171-02 Cabinet with 1500 White Uni-Cassette® LWS

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